Join me in Burbank for the "AFK" (Away From Keyboard) show!

Come see my art in Burbank!

I will be road-tripping down from the bay area (with my whole family) for the Opening Reception on Sept 1, and would love to see you there!  But even if you can't make the opening night, you'll get a chance to check out the show any time through Oct 3.  

This "AFK" (Away From Keyboard) show features traditional and digital work that is painted outdoors, encouraging a much-needed break from our virtual lives by connecting to the real living breathing world.  So it's only appropriate for me to encourage you to also view this art show without a screen!  The organizing group, "The Warrior Painters,"  is strongly influenced by industry artists in gaming and animation, which often comes across in the work as slightly fantastical vibrant colors, graphic shapes, and dramatic light.  I learned how to paint landscapes from a former Dreamworks concept director, so I was very excited when they accepted two of my paintings to join the show (and even featured one in the promotional image!  Bottom right).

Here's a map link to help you get there

Hope you can make it!

- Beth

PS: If LA is not on your horizon, here's a little preview of the show.


Paintings Featured in the Show

A Chat at Land's End
Morning in Golden Gate Park
Land's End onsite
Golden Gate Park onsite